I love coaching pastors. That’s why I started the Next Level Coaching Network NextLevelCoachingNetwork.com. And I’ve noticed two reoccurring issues that cause many pastors to be ineffective. And both of them are easily solved. Let me show you what I mean.

The first issue is a lack of focus. When a person lacks focus they allow others to set their agenda rather than their calling. A lack of focus keeps the pastor jumping from one program to another without ever achieving some all-consuming mission in life.

I was coaching a pastor years ago that had all the skills to lead a church except one thing- he couldn’t focus on the one thing that would start his dying church to grow again. All he needed to do was start an indigenous worship service but he couldn’t seem to do it. He could not focus on this one thing long enough to make it happen. When I finally convinced him that the church wouldn’t grow without the new service he started it and the church grew from 300 to over 1100 over the next ten years.
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The second issue is a lack of acting in a timely fashion. Most pastors or denominations wait until they have to act instead of taking action when the time is right.

Not long ago I coached a pastor whose church was declining but they had several hundred thousands in the bank for a rainy day. Even though the ark passed by daily they couldn’t see they were drowning. When I convinced them to spend half of the money on the four things that will grow a church, the church took off. Its never timely to wait to take action until a church has run out of money.

People lack focus and fail to take action in a timely fashion because of one thing – they aren’t driven by an all-consuming passion for the Gospel. They get sidetracked and slowed down by the smallest things and their churches decline.

But there is something even worse than their churches declining – these pastors and the people they are responsible for fail to grow into what God intended them to be. They totally miss the calling to make disciples who make disciples. All because they aren’t so driven that nothing can shake their focus or hold them up from taking action.

It’s a joy to coach pastors and congregations to reclaim their passion for making disciples who make disciples. It’s fun to coach pastors to regain a focus on why they were ordained. That’s why I love coaching pastors who are ready to learn how to grow their churches or take their churches to the next level.

So if you are ready to go to the next level send me an email at easum@effectivechurch.com.

It just might change your ministry.