How to Proceed  (Print this out for future use)

coachingsmallThe closer and faster you follow the recommendations the more you will benefit from the coaching.

Step One: Complete the Pastor Assessment questions, mail it to Bill, and set up a phone call for us to discuss how you feel about my summary of your responses. Be sure to view the two videos listed and record your thoughts and questions for the phone call.  Please do not convert any of the files to a PDF. Keep them in Word if they are in Word when you get them.

Keep in mind that the more honest and complete you are with your responses the more fruitful our time together will be and the faster you will grow yourself and your church to the Next Level.

While compiling the data for the Ministry Audit read the Breaking Barriers workbook that applies to your church, i.e. if you have 400 in worship you read the Breaking the 500 Barrier Workbook.  Keep in mind that you should read about all the previous Barriers to see if you have everything in place required to break any previous barrier. For example, if you are trying to break the 500 Barrier you need to have everything in place that it takes to break the 200 Barrier. Record your thoughts and questions for a future phone call.

Step Two: Begin collecting the data for the Complete Ministry Audit.  This will take 4-6 weeks. If you have someone you can put in charge of the process, do so.  When you finish the surveys combine them into The Complete Ministry Audit (19 Growth Principles on the CD) and email to me.

Step Three: Read the material contained in Week Three and record your thoughts and questions for a future phone call.

Step Four: Watch two videos- Two Metaphors and Implications of living in the Jungle and record you thoughts and questions for a future phone call.

Steps Five : Hopefully by week five or six you have completed the Complete Ministry Audit and have sent it to me. I will then send you my analysis. After you have read it, set up a phone call.

Step Six: Bill will complete a draft of your Personal Mission Mandate and send it to you and after you have viewed it we will talk and perfect it.

After Completing all the steps: Read  the Accountability Module, The Evolution of a Pastor, Church Mission Mandate, and watch The Leadership Journey.

The next steps occur monthly based on your progress and need. 

Watch the remainder of the videos as you have time based on your need or suggestion by Bill and send any thoughts or questions to Bill.

Any resource you try to access that gives you choice of opening or saving choose saving if you are using Internet Explorer or AOL otherwise it will kick you out of the login and have to log in again to access the next item.

Any questions along the way feel free to email me at any time.

Enjoy the journey.