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The Best P...

The Best Practices of Kingdom Growth

By Bill Easum I’ve seen and heard a lot of criticism these days about church growth. It’s as if all of a sudden it’s a four- letter word. That’s strange because everything I read in the Scriptures is about growth- all kinds of growth. And maybe that’s the problem. The critics hear or see the […]

Pastor’s R

Pastor’s Readiness Chart

Pastor: ______________________________________________________________   Decide how you FEEL about the following statements and circle the appropriate number under each statement.  Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten.  One means that you totally agree with the statement. Ten means that you totally disagree with the statement and have no desire to change your attitude.   […]

Why Am I a...

Why Am I a Pastor?

I ask a lot of pastors this question.  Unfortunately, the vast majority have never really given the question much consideration. They just are a pastor. Most because their father or mother was; some because they grew up in the church and liked their pastor; some because they couldn’t make it in any other profession. But […]

Pastoral E...

Pastoral Experience

Describe each of the churches where you have previously been the lead pastor giving The years of service at each church The Denomination The location of the church Whether the church grew or declined; give as much statistical data as you can remember Why you left What have you grown in the past. It can […]