Bring people in the front door

        Old way –”build it and they will come”

        New way – “we have to go to them”

        What are your two or three primary “go to” ways to connect with unchurched people?

Make sure new people stick around

        Church is warm, welcoming, like an incubator

        Worship brings them into God’s presence

        They know 6-7 people they really like

        It’s all about attitude not programs

        What is your system of responding to first time guests?

Disciple them

        Small groups

        Service in the community rather than committees

        Gaining a leadership role

        What is your primary method of discipleship?

Send them back out to be Christ at home, work, and play

        Focus more on commissioning them to whatever occurs after they leave church than nominating them to serve within the church

        One to two hours a week at church is enough

        Do you have a regular sending out of your people to invite their networks?