Here are a few questions you should be able to answer affirmatively before going multi-site.

1. Is my church growing a minimum o f% a year?
2. Is my church full at 80% at the major service?
3. Is my community 50% or more unchurched?
4. Does the church have a good reputation in the community?
5. Does my church want to release more people into meaningful ministry?
6. Does my church want to expand with the least possible risk and the most possible pay back?
7. Does my church want to launch new congregations in my region that are healthy, sustainable and reproductive?
8. Does my church want to be more accessible to more people in my region?
9. Does my church want to reach and serve more people in the most efficient and cost effective way?

If you can’t answer each of these questions affirmatively you should think twice before going multi-site