I’d never heard of a ministry coach when I started out in ministry. But some of my most effective ministry occurred after I hired a coach. At the time I had grown a good-sized church from scratch. But I had made several mistakes that cost the church time, money, and members. So I knew I could do better and the church could grow faster.

So I enlisted a coach and over the next few years the church doubled in size and our influence over our city grew. I even had more free time to be with my family because I had been shown how to focus only on the things that brought about positive results.

Today, hiring a coach is almost fashionable. There are coaches everywhere. So the question is not should you have a coach, but which coach should you hire? The answer is simple – hire one who has been where you are and has done what you hope to do.

If you want to grow yourself and your church, I’m your guy. I’ve been in the trenches from restarting a church to leading one of the most effective churches in the U.S. And I’ve helped hundreds of pastors reach their potential.

Listen to what Hal Seed says about my coaching.

Three years ago I hired Bill Easum to be my coach. In every conversation he compassionately nudged me to take a step in our ministry that seemed impossible at the time. A year after we took that step, New Song joined the Outreach 100 Fastest Growing Churches list. Thanks for your help Bill!
Hal Seed New Song Church

My coaching is simple. First, I evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions how to improve them. Second, I evaluate your church using our proven Complete Ministry Audit. Third, I give you a Personal Pastoral Mission Mandate that says here are the things you must do; should do; can do if you have time; and should never do. All of the above is negotiated based on the evaluations and how you feel about each item. When we reach a 360 degree agreement we are ready to get down to business. Fourth, I supply you with over $8,000 dollars worth of resources. My commitment to you is, “If we don’t have it on the site, we will develop it for you.” And we give a money back guarantee with no questions asked.