Completing the Ministry Audit usually takes 4-6 weeks so begin asap.

You have two choices. One, which is the best choice, purchase The Complete Ministry Audit from Abingdon Press or Amazon. Two, you can download and print out all the files here for free. The difference is if you purchase the book you will get a CD to help with the calculations (the larger the church the better to purchase The Complete Ministry Audit). If you purchase the book, you will also need to download the Pastor’s Instructions on this page.

Then you are ready to do The Complete Ministry Audit. If you have already done a consultation recently send me the information with an update on what has happened.

You have two choices of Ministry Audits based on the size of your church – if your church is over 200 in worship use the Complete Ministry Audit. If your church is under 150 use the short form. If you are between 150 and 200 the choice of which form to use is up to you. Whichever form you use you will still need to download and fill out the file on the Pastors Instructions. If you choose the short form you do not need the CD so you don’t need to purchase the book.

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