You Can Lead Your Church to the Next Level

Break Whatever Growth Barrier You're Facing in One Year


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We provide the tools, the resources, and the support

The Next Level Coaching Network is designed for Leaders who passionately desire to grow their church and themselves.


The Next Level Coaching Network, led by our two coaches, Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian, is how you can do it. And they do it one-on-one. Together they have over 30 years experience coaching pastors, planters, and laity.

Numerous studies have shown that those pastors who engage the services of a coach do better than those who go it alone.


All our coaching is one-on-one and not group sessions unless the group is your staff or key lay leaders of your church.

The Network focuses on breaking through the natural worship barriers of 125, 200, 500, 1,000, 3,000., 5,000, and 10,000. During the year you will develop a Church Mandate for Mission and a Personal Mandate for Mission that will guide your church through its next growth barrier.

(for short term personal coaching or church plants, and churches under 200 in worship contact Bill Easum at easum@aol.com for special fee structure).

When you finish reading the benefits if you still need more info, email Bill Easum at easum@aol.com and he will set up a free 15 minute coaching phone call.

Benefits you will Receive

  • All our coaching is one-on-one coaching customized to the goals of the pastor.
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the pastor which results in a Personal Mission mandate for the Pastor ($350 value)
  • Completion and analysis of The Complete Ministry Audit ($999 value)
  • A monthly personal phone call coaching session with Bill Easum ($3,000 value).
  • Unlimited emails (priceless)
  • Multiple videocasts
    (These are archived for your convenience)
  • Access to a special section of our website for ongoing resources (Priceless).
  • Access to a private forum for unlimited 24/7 email coaching ($180 value)
  • “How to” workbooks on each part of your plan ($500 value).
  • Subscription to Net Results digital magazine ($40 value).
  • Subscription to Hitchhikers Guide to Evangelism website
  • Inclusion of staff and key lay people in the process if you like.

A Total Value of over $8,000 if purchased separately. 

Your Investment

Only $300 a month for twelve months or $3000 if you pay the full amount upfront (and you don’t have the hassle and costs of airfare, hotel, or car rental)

When you are accepted we will charge your credit card for three months or for 12 months, your choice. If you choose three months, You can pay out the difference each of the next nine months. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked. But we know you will say it’s the best money you’ve ever spent.

This site contains various Levels to assist you on your way to the next level.

The Next Level Coaching Network is part of 21st Century Strategies, Inc.  Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian are the senior consultants.

The Next Level Coaching Network follows the 19 Growth Principles in The Complete Ministry Audit as well as the Systems Analysis used by our consultants in their onsite consultations which has used in thousands of congregations over the past twenty plus years. You will receive the same results as an on-site consultation, at a much lower investment, without leaving home, and your Personal Mandate for Mission will be customized for your congregation.

Bill Easum was a pastor for 29 years in three congregations in two denominations.  His third church was a restart where he remained the lead pastor for 24 years and led the church to become one of the largest churches in South Texas.  Bill is the author of over a dozen bestselling books and the founder of 21st Century Strategies in 1987. Bill has been a full time church consultant and coach since 1993. He is the recipient of the Donald A McGavran award for outstanding leadership in church growth. Bill and his partner, Bill Tenny-Brittian have worked in over 1,000 congregations and trained over 100,000 pastors.

Bill Tenny-Brittian has served as both transformational church pastor and church planter in multiple denominations for over twenty years when he was tapped by Bill Easum to join 21st Century Strategies as his partner in church consulting and leadership coaching. He is the author of seven books and over 200 church training videos that have been used to transform churches globally. He is the co-president of the National Evangelistic Association and the managing editor of Net Results magazine.

You choose the coach that best fits your need.

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